Woman of Action, Pt. 2

Woman of Action, Pt. 2 is a Event Quest. Madame Hydra is trying to lure Pepper Potts over to her side.


Character Action Time Location
Pepper Potts Visit Hydra School 3hr The Quinjet Hangar (Quinjet)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Madame Hydra: Hello, Ms. Potts.
Pepper Potts: Talk fast before I repulsor you off my campus...
Madame Hydra: I always appreciate a powerful woman. Do you ever wonder if Fury feels the same? If he'll ever tell you what he's truly planning instead of just growling out orders?
Pepper Potts: I'd suggest talking faster...
Madame Hydra: I'd suggest visiting Hydra School. I could use an intelligent, driven, forward-thinker at my side when Fury's true intentions force us all to fight for our lives...
Madame Hydra: What are your impressions of Hydra School?
Pepper Potts: I appreciate your sense of order. Your discipline. Your focus...
Madame Hydra: Good. You're so much more than an Admistrator. I see you as a Lieutenant. Potentially a Baroness. I know you envision a new, better order for this world...
Pepper Potts: I do. And it's a world without Hydra. So thank you for giving me direct access to poach your best recruits...

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