Who's The Mole? Pt3

Who's The Mole?, Pt. 3 is a Storyline Quest. Black Widow is seriously fed up with Nick Fury's spying, and when the new student gets here she's gonna show her exactly what she thinks of snitches.


Character Action Time Location
Black Widow Blow Off Steam 4hr The Robo Dojo (arena)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Black Widow: Why do you have people spying on me?
Nick Fury: Because I'm a spy. Just like you. Difference is, I'm old enough to know that you get more information when you work as a team.
Black Widow: I've been working with people.
Nick Fury: I know. My spies told me.
Black Widow: Tell them when I find out who they are, they won't be telling anyone anything for a long time. I'm gonna go find out exactly when your new snitch starts school, so I can tell her myself.
Black Widow: You're Fury's new pet?
Maria Hill: I'm Maria Hill. Who are you?
Black Widow: Black Widow. The girl Fury is gonna tell you to follow. And I'm telling you right now that's a bad idea.
Maria Hill: I'm here to learn from Director Fury, and train as an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I'll only take orders from him, and I don't take threats from anybody. So you can save the tough girl act. I'm tougher.
Black Widow: I guess we're about to find out...

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