Who's The Mole? Pt2

Who's The Mole?, Pt. 2 is a Storyline Quest. Ant-Man wasn't much help, so Black Widow is now turning to Loki.


Character Action Time Location
Black Widow + Loki Uncover The Snitch 8hr S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. (inside)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Black Widow: How long have you been Fury's snitch?
Loki: How dare you? I'm not a snitch, I'm a liar.
Black Widow: Someone's stealing my secrets, and sharing intel on the timefog clues I've found with Fury.
Loki: How about your boyfriend, the Bird-Man?
Black Widow: Falcon wouldn't do that. He's clueless, but he's not stupid. And he's not my boyfriend.
Loki: Well, I say we steal Fury's secrets. We may not find the traitor, but stealing is its own reward.
Black Widow: No info on the mole, but it looks like we're about to get a new student...
Loki: An uninitiated recruit who has a curious fascination with Fury and his S.H.I.E.L.D.
Black Widow: You think she's the snitch?
Loki: If she isn't already, she will be soon...

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