Who's The Mole? Pt1

Who's The Mole, Pt. 1 is a Storyline Quest. Someone has been tipping off Nick Fury, and Black Widow wants to find out who!


Character Action Time Location
Ant-Man Crack Codes 2m Timeless Archives (computer)
Black Widow Eavesdrop 3m Club A (off the dance floor)
Black Widow Search For Clues 1m Quad (walking)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Black Widow: You're the snitch.
Ant-Man: How dare you? I'm not a snitch, I'm a thief. Besides, I'm the one who told you there was a snitch.
Black Widow: You're the new guy, so I'm saying it's you. Makes sense that Fury could've blackmailed Taskmaster into setting me up by bringing you in.
Ant-Man: If it was me, I'd admit it. I do messed up stuff, but I always admit it after. It's part of my underdog charm.
Black Widow: Then help me figure out who it is. Neither one of us needs Fury in our business.
Ant-Man: I feel like I should make a joke about moles and ants.
Black Widow: ...
Ant-Man: Because mole is another word for double agent. And moles and ants dig in the dirt. And I make dumb jokes.
Black Widow: I get it. I don't care. We aren't any closer to exposing the snitch...
Ant-Man: Well, I know I'm still the new guy, but it seems to me that when the question is who did something shady, the answer is usually Loki...

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