Welcome home pt2

Welcome Home, Pt. 2 is an Storyline Quest. Now Star-Lord's ready to save the galaxy—scratch that, he needs a good party first, and Wasp is just the person to throw one.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Star-Lord Party with Earthlings 2m Club A (bar)
Wasp Be the Star! 25m Club A (dance floor)
Loki Master The Dance Floor 2hr Club A (dance floor)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: Let's party!
Star Lord: Don't you wanna focus on Ronan and the Chitauri?
Wasp: Nope!
Star Lord: Me neither. It just seemed like the right thing to say...
Loki: What are your intentions with Bug-Woman, Star-Man?
Star Lord: Star-Lord.
Loki: Of course. Star-Lord. Are you royalty? I only ask because I know you're not, and I actually am royalty...
Star Lord: My apologies. I can see now that you're obviously a king...
Loki: Soon enough. I'm the future king of Asgard.
Star Lord: And reigning king of asshats.

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