We're A Team, Pt. 3

We're A Team, Pt. 3 is an Event Quest in the limited-time Gamma Attack! event. Train Iron Man, Wasp, and Loki to unlock battling A-Bomb.


  • Keep On Training To Battle A-Bomb
    • This requirement is fulfilled when one of the characters reaches their max Training level so that they can Battle A-Bomb.
      • Iron Man must train 5 times. The previous quest will have taken care of 1 of these.
      • Wasp must train 3 times.
      • Loki must train 2 times.
  • Battle A-Bomb!
    • This is a character Action available once you have filled the Training requirements for that character. Once they battle A-Bomb, their Training resets to 0 and you must Train again.
    • Iron Man: 4hr
    • Wasp: 4hr
    • Loki: 4hr
Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Perfect Your Aim 2hr The Blasting Range (firing points)
Wasp Study Gamma Stuff 4hr Pym's Lab (chemical station)
Loki Intimidate The Enemy 8hr Club A (dance floor)

Quest Dialogue Edit

A-Bomb: Looks like they're ready to brawl...
Leader: Precisely as I anticipated. Send them a message to never defy The Leader...
A-Bomb: I could just yell from here. It's not that far...
Leader: A non-verbal message of physical violence, idiot! Use the only worthwhile trait you possess to smash them into submission!
A-Bomb: Right. I knew that...
Wasp: Nice work, Tony! You fight like me but less crazy!
Iron Man: Thanks, but this is only the beginning. We might have to actually have to knock him out to break The Leader's mind control...
Wasp: Then I guess it's time for Wasp to design some bodybags...
Iron Man: Whoa!
Wasp: Sorry, I get carried away sometimes...

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