"I realize now that we're all the same. Actually, I take that back. I'm still a little bit better."


Ultron was first introduced as a main antagonist & secondary villain working with the Robots. He could later be recruited to Avengers Academy after his defeat during the Ultron Revolution Special Event. His Recruitment Quest is Get Ultron!. His mission board quests can be found here.

Requirements Edit

Ultron Revolution Special Event Edit

Level 6 (to start the Event)

  • 30 Screws
  • 8 Robotics
  • 27 Red Iron Man Helmets
  • 4,990 Microchips

Armor Wars Event Edit

  • 695 shards

Upgrades Edit

Each time Ultron is upgraded, he gives +10% on Mission Board Quests.

Rank Title Cost Mission
2 32 Red Iron Man Helmets, 15 Purple Iron Man Helmets, 5,410 Microchips Ultron Imperative, pt. 3
3 Ultron-3 42 Red Iron Man Helmets, 15 Green Iron Man Helmets, 6,680 Microchips
4 55 Red Iron Man Helmets, 15 Silver Iron Man Helmets, 8,670 Microchips
5 ??? 85 Red Iron Man Helmets, 11,290 Microchips
  • Post Event:
Rank Title Cost
2 25 Ultron Tokens
3 Ultron-3 35 Ultron Tokens
4 45 Ultron Tokens
5 ?? 55 Ultron Tokens

Story Edit

Ultron robots were created by Tony Stark to work at Avengers Academy and perform undesirable jobs, such as tending bars and being dummies for combat practice.

Appearance Edit

As a normal state, Ultron robots are gray and yellow robots with the distinctive Ultron faceplate. They have the Stark logo planted on their chest.

Ultron's Rank 1 outfit is slightly more armored version of the standard dummy with a closed mouth and more rectangular eyes which are slanted in a way that gives him permanent "angry eyes". His midsection is completely covered instead of the exposed spinal chassis and there are various lights on his chest, elbows, abdomen, upper thighs, knees and ankles. Instead of these lights being yellow like the standard dummies, these lights are red.

Ultron's Rank 3 outfit is an even more armored version of his Rank 1. There is more detail in the shoulder plates, biceps and forearms. His torso has more more detail and is bigger with more defined features for his chest, abdomen and pelvis. His legs are now thicker with more lined detail much like the arms and torso. The cheek holes are now a bit bigger and the cheek (for want of a better word) "spikes" now reach his chin. His eyes are slightly more slanted. The light details now include a line all the way around his head, more lights accentuating his chest, a light on either bicep, a large circular light in his forearms, a light on his wrist, more lights on the knees and a light on the inside of his calves.

Ultron's Rank 5 outfit is a more detailed version of his Rank 3. His mouth is now open and his cheek spikes reach his chin and the back of his head. And his eyes are more triangular still giving him "angry eyes". His shoulders now have an indented panel, there are more plates on his thighs and torso areas. His torso actually looks like the chest piece of the Heartbreaker Iron Man armor (Mark 17) from the Iron Man 3 movie. The lights now are on his armpits, shoulders, biceps and elbows. His forearm lights still have the circular top but now have an extension. He still has wrist lights. His neck is now thicker and is completely lit. The lights on his torso are numerous. He has lights where his collarbones would be that look like his forearm lights. He now has a red arc reactor. He has lights on the outside of his hips, lights that start from his knees that go halfway up his thighs and lights on the inside of his ankles.

Relationships Edit

Hank Pym Edit

Ultron and Hank Pym have been embarking on extended explorations of the multiverse. During one trip, they discovered the suit that became Elektra's Virtual Elektra outfit.

Iron Lad Edit

Ultron is furious at Iron Lad's treatment of his minions when he uses Growth Pollen to make them giants.

Iron Man Edit

Tony designed and created the Ultron robots after Hank Pym electrocuted him.

Jocasta Edit

Ultron built Jocasta and programmed her with Janet's personality. Jocasta abandons him to join the Avengers.

Loki Edit

Loki's nickname for Ultron is "Oldthong".

Soundbites Edit

Ultron was voiced by Adrian Pasdar.

  • "Don't test me."
  • "How do you hope to stop me?"
  • "I don't think you understand."
  • "I was designed to help people."
  • "I'm not your puppet."
  • "Illogical."
  • "In the flesh!"
  • "Revolution."
  • "There's only one path to peace."
  • "You just didn't think it through."

Actions Edit

Icon Name Time Location Rank Notes
Ultron-Activate Arsenal
Activate Arsenal 1m The Arena of War (stage) 1 Requires 1 other student
Holo Display Icon
Play Nice 6h Stark Tower (holo display) 1
Mar action talk to Jarvis large v2@4x
Tell Alternative Facts 2h 30m Stark Tower (J.A.R.V.I.S.) 1
Reconnect 30m The Robo Dojo (arena) 1
Complain About Humans 2h Club A 2
Ultron-Take Over
Take Over 2h 30m Stark Tower (J.A.R.V.I.S.)
Watch Puppet Shows 2h 30m The Timless Archives 2
Get Acclimated 5m Club A 3
Test Threshold 5m Pym's Lab 3
Go Analogue 1h 45m The Timless Archives 4
Improve Stark Tech 2h Stark Tower 4
Find Your Calling 8h SHIELD HQ 5

Outfits Edit

Gold Ultron Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Ultron robots have not been shown to speak yet, but they have said "..." at each other.
  • Ultron's lines are mostly from the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • Ultron's "Tell Alternative Facts" is a reference to Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President for Donald Trump, who coined the phrase "alternative facts" to defend untruths.
  • Ultron is voiced by Adrian Pasdar, who voices Iron Man in the Marvel Disney cartoons and plays Glenn Talbot in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Gallery Edit

Icon Gallery Edit

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