Training Day

Training Day is a Storyline Quest. Falcon wants to hang out and spar with Captain America so they can work off their frustrations in regards to their female classmates.


Character Action Time Location
Captain America + Falcon Deal With Your Feelings 6hr The Arena Of War (stage)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Falcon: I was gonna ask if you wanna work out, but you always wanna work out. Sparring actually sounds good right now...
Captain America: Girl problems?
Falcon: How'd you know?
Captain America: I'm technically a hundred years old, so I know some things. And I can relate. Only my problems are with Enchantress. And the problem is that she wants to kill me.
Falcon: Mine are with Black Widow.
Captain America: Oh. That's not good.
Captain America: I feel way better.
Falcon: All I feel is pain...
Captain America: That's just your muscles saluting your effort! What's your problem with Widow, anyway?
Falcon: I think she thought we had something going on, but I didn't even know. And now I'm kind of seeing Ms. Marvel...
Captain America: We better keep training. You got a lot of things to work through...

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