Top Secret Pt3

Top Secret, Pt. 3 is a Event Quest. Pepper Potts is preparing herself while Black Widow is digging further into Fury's secrets.

Requirements Edit

  • Upgrade Pepper Potts! (Rank 3)
    • 5,096 Credits
    • 50 Avengers Textbooks
    • 45 Tablets
Character Action Time Location
Pepper Potts Forge Ahead 45m The Asgardian Forge (anvil)
Pepper Potts Practice Your Craft 6hr The Blasting Range (firing points)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Pepper Potts: When are you following Pym into the timefog?
Black Widow: I'm not telling you. Not because I don't trust you, but because it's better if you don't know. Also, I still don't trust you.
Pepper Potts: I wouldn't trust me either. I thought I was doing what was right by keeping my distance from you guys, and keeping you away from the timefog. Now I'm not so sure...
Black Widow: What are you gonna do now?
Pepper Potts: Maintain appearances while I look for the truth. And get ready to fight for it if I have to...
Iron Man: What do you think about the partial suit?
Pepper Potts: It's amazing, Tony. Thank you so much.
Iron Man: I'm glad you like it. There's even an outlet on the elbow to plug in your tablet. Perfect for the workaholic Super Hero.
Pepper Potts: I'm sorry I've been so hard on you, Tony. I'm not trying to be mean. I just want you to be the best you can be because I have the feeling someday you might be the one to save us all.
Iron Man: Don't worry about it. I know I come on strong, and cross the line sometimes. I'm not as sensitive as Wasp says. I get over things fast. After crying a lot. All by myself...
Pepper Potts: You don't need to cry, Tony. And you definitely don't need to be all alone...

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