Time To Get Ill

Time To Get Ill is a Storyline Quest. Loki has had enough of Odin's attitude—it's time to plot his downfall!


  • Upgrade Avengers Dorm! (Stage 3)
    • Cost: 3,902 Credits
    • Time: 20hr
Character Action Time Location
Loki Cast Aspersions 25m Avengers Dorm (right chair)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Loki: I sought acceptance from my father when I should have made him bow before my power. I'll speak ill of him, and inspire others to help me bring the horrors of the Nine Realms crashing down upon his head...
Iron Man: ...So, you and Enchantress aren't a couple? Every time I bring it up, you go on this long, ranty, side thing. I really wanna ask her out, but I never disrespect the bro code.
Loki: I don't care what you do, Armor-Man...
Iron Man: Awesome, thanks. Good luck with your thing with all the crashing and horrors.
Loki: Why am I always forced to partner with you?
Enchantress: Because Midgardians don't appreciate our ambition, and you've served me well in the past.
Loki: Seduce someone who can tell us what's hiding in this so-called timefog. If we can't uncover its source, we can at least find something powerful enough to take the Academy from Fury and my father.
Enchantress: Are you familiar with what the Midgardians call "Daddy issues?"
Loki: You and Armor-Man deserve each other.

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