The Timeless Archives is a Building. It is available at Level 3. It's an outdoor library. There is a desk with a book, a desk with a computer, and shelves of books along the back wall. There is also a door leading deeper inside. The Timeless Archives takes up 4 x 4 plots (16).

Requirements Edit

  • Stage 1 - Stage 1 of The Timeless Archives is the basic layout.
    • Unlocks at: Level 3
    • Quest: Mischief Magic
    • Cost: 75 Credits
    • Time: 8s
    • New Action Areas: Book, Floating Book, Inside, Painting, Shelves
  • Stage 2 - Stage 2 of The Timeless Archives adds a computer, desk, and chair. As well as a ladder to the bookshelf.
  • Stage 3 - Stage 3 of The Timeless Archives adds a lion statue and a clock tower.
    • Unlocks at: Level 30
    • Quest: Uncivilized, Pt. 2
    • Cost: 14,262 Credits
    • Time: 1d 7hr
    • New Action Areas: N/A

Action Areas Edit

As you upgrade The Timeless Archives, you add to the available actions characters can do at the building.

  • Book - the desk on the left with a book. Characters sit in the chair and flip through the pages. One character allowed at a time.
  • Computer - the desk on the right with a computer. Characters sit in the chair and click through the webpages. One character/action allowed at a time.
  • Floating Book - when Loki studies magic, he stands in the back by the Shelves and flips through a floating book. One character allowed at a time.
  • Inside - the character goes into building. A light shines from inside to indicate it is in use. No limit on characters.
  • Painting - the area in the back left in front of a painting. Currently this action area is unique to Captain America and Baron Zemo. One character allowed at a time.
  • Shelves - the shelves in the back of the building. Currently this action area is unique to Misty Knight, Spider-Gwen and Spider-Woman. One character allowed at a time.

Interactions Edit

The Timeless Archives allows various interactions for many characters.

A-Bomb Edit

  • Read Something Funny - 30m, Book

Ant-Man Edit

  • Crack Codes - 2m, Computer
  • Study Famous Heists - 3m, Book
  • Study Insect Behavior - 1hr, Book

Baron Zemo Edit

  • Message Madame Hydra - 45m, Computer
  • Study Zemo Lineage - 1hr, Book
  • Plan New World Order - 3hr, Painting

Black Cat Edit

  • Hack Accounts - 4hr, Computer

Black Knight Edit

  • Slay Foul Technology! - 15m, Computer

Black Widow Edit

  • Study Linguistics - 1m, Book
  • Study Psychology - 3m, Book
  • Collect Evidence - 8h, Book

Captain America Edit

  • Study Great Leaders - 3m, Book
  • Study Recent History - 3m, Book
  • Plan For Victory - 3h, Painting
  • Deal With Computers - 4h, Computer

Daredevil Edit

  • Hit the Books - 1h 30m, Book
  • Pull an All-Nighter - 1h, Book

Doctor Octopus Edit

  • Use Rudimentary Computers - 2h, Computer
  • Enjoy Romance Novels - 6h, Book

Electro Edit

  • Buy B-Ball Tickets! - 4h, Computer
  • Chill Out! - 6h, Book

Enchantress Edit

  • Study Brain Chemistry - 2m, Book

Falcon Edit

  • Study Flight Paths - 3m, Book
  • Learn Bird Calls - 45m, Book
  • Hit The Keys - 1h, Computer

Frigga Edit

  • Return Home - 5m, Inside

Green Goblin Edit

  • Read the Comments - 3h, Computer

Groot Edit

  • Buy Concert Tickets - 45m, Computer

Hulk Edit

  • READ NICE ROMANCE! - 30m, Book

Iron Fist Edit

  • Study Philosophy - 15m, Book
  • Contact Clients - 45m, Computer

Iron Man Edit

  • Study Robotics - 3m, Book
  • Study Engineering - 30m, Book
  • Study Historical Ladies - 8h, Book

Jessica Jones Edit

  • Do Research - 1m, Book
  • Check Client Files - 30m, Computer
  • Study Academy Blueprints - 1hr 45m, Book
  • Dig For Dirt - 2hr 30m ,Computer

Loki Edit

  • Study Arcane Lore - 3m, Floating Book
  • Study Mythology - 15m, Book
  • Plan Mischief - 30m, Inside
  • Study Royal Palaces - 2h, Book
  • Skim Midgardian Laws - 2h, Floating Book (Requires Lawyer Loki outfit)

M.O.D.O.K. Edit

  • Absorb Knowledge - 1h, Book

Maria Hill Edit

  • Email Director Fury - 2m, Computer

Mary Jane Edit

  • Network! - 2h, Computer

Miles Morales Edit

  • Study for Class - 1h, Book
  • Email Mom - 4h, Computer

Misty Knight Edit

  • Read Detective - 1h 45m, Book
  • Study Demonology - 1h 45m, Book
  • Study Hard - 2h, Shelves
  • Reach Out to Sources - 2h 30m, ???

Mockingbird Edit

  • Watch Dog Videos - 6hr, Computer

Moon Knight Edit

  • Study Egyptology - 2hr 30m, Book

Ms. Marvel Edit

  • Obsess Over Heroes - 2m, Book
  • Study Every Subject - 3m, Book
  • Read Webcomics - 30m, Computer
  • Study Recruits - 30m, Computer

Mysterio Edit

  • Learn New Tricks - 2m, Computer
  • Study Great Magicians - 1hr, Book

Peggy Carter Edit

  • Crack the Code - 1hr, Book
  • Browse S.H.I.E.L.D. Database - 4hr, Computer

Pepper Potts Edit

  • Polish Your Resume - 2hr 30m, Computer

Phil Coulson Edit

  • Read Graphic Novels - 45m, Book

Quake Edit

  • Chat With Friends - 30m, Computer

Red Hulk Edit

  • Study Hulk's Weaknesses - 30m, Book

Sif Edit

  • Study Midgardian Sporting - 45m, Computer

Silk Edit

  • Memorize Multiverse Theory - 1h, Book

Spider-Gwen Edit

  • Order Concert Tickets - 4hr, Computer
  • Study Police Protocol - 6hr, Shelves

Spider-Man 2099 Edit

  • Order Wrestling Tickets - 4hr, Computer

Spider-Man Edit

  • Do Your Homework - 4hr, Computer

Spider-Woman Edit

  • Get Stuck Reading - 3hr , Shelves

Squirrel Girl Edit

  • Study Computer Science - 1hr, Book
  • Message the G.L.A - 4hr, Computer

Taskmaster Edit

  • Copy Recruits - 1m, Computer
  • Hit The Taskbar - 1m, Computer
  • Read The Art Of War - 2m, Book
  • Study Intimidation - 3m, Book

Tigra Edit

  • Sacrifice The Manicure -2m, Computer

The Lizard Edit

  • Resssearch Dry Ssskin! - 2hr, Computer

Venom Edit

  • Study Journalism - 1hr, Book

Vision Edit

  • Absorb Information - 45m, Book

War Machine Edit

  • Check Messages - 30m, Computer

Wasp Edit

  • Study Entomology - 3m, Inside
  • Try To Study - 30m, Book
  • Study Fashion - 1h (15m with High Fashion Wasp outfit), Book
  • Post Everywhere - 2h, Computer

Wiccan Edit

  • Check Stats - 5m, Computer
  • Read Secret Scrolls - 4h, Inside
  • Make Miracles - 6h, next to Book

Winter Soldier Edit

  • Read In Peace - 30m, Book

Wong Edit

  • Visit Hidden Archives - 15m, Inside
  • Study Great Librarians - 1h, Book

Trivia Edit

  • There is a Fight Club in the lower level of The Timeless Archives.
  • Almost every character in the game has an Action that requires the Book action area.

Gallery Edit

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