The Robo Dojo is a Building. It is available at Level 10. It's a place for students to spar against Ultron robots. Upgrading the building allows students to fight more robots. The Robo Dojo takes up 4 x 4 (16) plots.

Requirements Edit

  • Stage 1 - Stage 1 of The Robo Dojo has one Ultron.
  • Stage 2  - Stage 2 of The Robo Dojo has two Ultrons.
    • Unlocks at: Level 17
    • Quest: Killer Bee, Pt. 2
    • Cost: 3,507 Credits
    • Time: 18hr
    • New Action Areas: N/A
  • Stage 3  - Stage 3 of The Robo Dojo has three Ultrons.
    • Unlocks at: Level ???
    • Quest:
    • Cost:
    • Time:
    • New Action Areas: N/A

Action Areas Edit

As you upgrade The Robo Dojo, you add to number of Ultron robots the characters can face.

  • Arena - the center stage where students train, walled in with electric fences. One character allowed at a time.

Interactions Edit

The Robo Dojo allows various interactions for many characters.

Ant-Man Edit

  • Rock Robots - 4hr, Arena

Baron Zemo Edit

  • Leave Them Broken - 2h, Arena

Black Knight Edit

  • Divide and Conquer - 30m, Arena

Black Widow Edit

  • Dismantle Your Foes - 3m, Arena
  • Test Lipstick Laser! - 2h, Arena (Requires Undercover Black Widow outfit)

Captain America Edit

  • Use Necessary Force - 1hr, Arena (15m with WWII Captain America outfit)

Falcon Edit

  • Swing The Wings - 15m, Arena
  • Kung Fu Nerve Attack! - 3h, Arena (Requires Kung Fu Falcon outfit)

Jessica Jones Edit

  • Hit Harder - 2h, Arena

Loki Edit

  • Unleash Destruction - 30m, Arena

Moon Knight Edit

  • Wield Fist of Khonshu - 3m 20s, Arena 

Ms. Marvel Edit

  • Give 'Em A Hand - 1h, Arena

Pepper Potts Edit

  • Don't Mess With Pepper - 7h, Arena

Spider-Ham Edit

  • Go Ham! - 4h, Arena

Spider-Woman Edit

  • Use Your Training - 6hr, Arena

Taskmaster Edit

  • Annihilate Targets - 1hr, Arena

War Machine Edit

  • Fire At Will - 2hr 30m, Arena

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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