The Quinjet Hangar is a Building. It unlocks at level 5. It's a place where characters can access the Quinjet to go on off-site missions. There is an above-ground entrance that leads to the lower hangar. The Quinjet Hangar takes up 4 x 5 (20) plots.

Requirements Edit

Action Areas Edit

  • Above - the area above The Quinjet Hangar. Red Hulk is the only character so far who uses this location. He jumps on a Quinjet leaving the Hangar and rides it around like a lazy mechanical bull. One character allowed at a time.
  • Quinjet - the titular Quinjet. Characters enter the building on the ground floor, then fly off-screen on the Quinjet. The hangar stays open while the Quinjet is out. One action (with any number of characters required for that action) allowed at a time.

Interactions Edit

The Quinjet Hangar allows various interactions for many characters.

A-Bomb Edit

  • Visit Hydra School - 6hr, Quinjet
  • Look for Hulk - 8hr, Quinjet

Agent 13 Edit

  • Seek Adventure - 2hr, Quinjet

Baron Zemo Edit

  • Fly Over Hydra School - 30m, Quinjet

Black Cat Edit

  • Visit the Museum - 2hr, Quinjet

Black Knight Edit

  • Investigate Anomalies - 2hr, Quinjet

Black Panther Edit

  • Explore The World - 15m, Quinjet

Black Widow Edit

  • Go On A Solo Mission - 15m, Quinjet

Captain Britain Edit

  • Return Home - 2hr, Quinjet

Crossbones Edit

  • Gather Your Crew - 2hr, Quinjet

Daredevil Edit

  • Guard Hell's Kitchen - 45m, Quinjet

Drax the Destroyer Edit

  • Look for Thanos - 15m, Quinjet

Gamora Edit

  • Track Targets - 15m, Quinjet

Groot Edit

  • Protect the Environment - 30m, Quinjet

Hellcat Edit

  • Explore Hell's Kitchen - 1hr, Quinjet

Hulk Edit

  • VISIT WEIRDWORLD! - 2m, Quinjet

Iron Fist Edit

  • Work Freelance - 1hr, Quinjet

Madame Hydra Edit

  • Find Underworld Recruits - 2hr, Quinjet

Mary Jane Edit

  • Save The World! - 2hr 30m, Quinjet

Mysterio Edit

  • Fool The Intelligencia - 1hr, Quinjet

Nebula Edit

  • Look for Intel - 15m, Quinjet

Peggy Carter Edit

  • Save the World Again - 5hr, Quinjet

Pepper Potts Edit

  • Save The Day Again - 4hr, Quinjet

Quake Edit

  • Get Away For A While - 1hr, Quinjet

Red Hulk Edit

  • Catch a Ride! - 1hr, Above
  • Hunt Down Hulk - 8hr, Quinjet

Rocket Raccoon Edit

  • Scout for Parts - 15m, Quinjet

Sif Edit

  • Track Midgardian Monsters - 2hr, Quinjet

Spider-Gwen Edit

  • Do a World Tour - 2hr, Quinjet

Spider-Man Edit

  • Check on Aunt May - 2hr, Quinjet

Spider-Woman Edit

  • See For Yourself - 2hr, Quinjet

Star-Lord Edit

  • Be a Top Gunner! - 15m, Quinjet

Thor Edit

  • Challenge Midgardians! - 2hr, Quinjet

Union Jack Edit

  • Fight International Crime - 2hr, Quinjet

Vision Edit

  • Experience The City - 30m, Quinjet

War Machine Edit

  • Polish Pilot Skills - 45m, Quinjet

Winter Soldier Edit

  • Look At What You've Done - 2hr, Quinjet

Wonder Man Edit

  • Go On Auditions - 15m, Quinjet

Yondu Edit

  • Recruit Ravagers - 15m, Quinjet

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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