"It'sss hopelesss. Curtisss Connorsss is gone. Only The Lizard remainsss..."

—The Lizard

Scientist turned Spider-Foe, The Lizard, formerly known as Dr. Curtis "Curt" Connors, was first introduced as a tertiary villain in the Spider-Man Event. In Episode 2 of Act 1, players could fight against him to earn event materials and the WW2 Captain America costume. In Episode 3, he becomes a premium recruitable character. His Introductory Quest is He'sss Not a Monssster! His mission board quests can be found here.

Requirements Edit

Spider-Man Event Edit

  • Level 6 (to start Event)
  • 595 Shards

Spider-Man Homecoming Event Edit

Inhumans Event Edit

Upgrades Edit

Each time The Lizard is upgraded, he gives +10% on Mission Board Quests.

Rank Title Cost
2 Dr. Connorsss 1,247 Oscoins, 12 Lab Coats, 10 Test Tubes
3 Ssserpentine Ssscientissst 2,493 Oscoins, 8 Lizards, 16 Sewer Maps, 10 Moisturizers
4 Reptilian Wrecker 3,740 Oscoins, 22 Lab Coats, 20 Test Tubes
5 Cold-Blooded Hero 4,986 Oscoins, 16 Lizards, 35 Sewer Maps, 27 Moisturizers
  • Post Event:
Rank Title Cost
2 Dr. Connorsss 48,733 Credits
3 Ssserpentine Ssscientissst 53,794 Credits
4 Reptilian Wrecker 59,263 Credits
5 Cold-Blooded Hero 107,676 Credits

Appearance Edit

The Lizard's Rank 1 outfit is mostly human with scattered bits of lizard skin all across his body (and he has a tail). He is wearing a lab coat, a yellow bow tie, and purple pants. His left arm is detached from his body

The Lizard's Rank 3 outfit is mostly reptilian skin, as well as torn up clothes. His missing arm has grown back on his body.

The Lizard's Rank 5 outfit is a fully lizard-like appearance. He has green scales, a snout, and a tail. His clothes are noticeably ripped up, but he's still wearing the white lab coat.

Story Edit

Curt Connors was a scientist working for Oscorp. As part of the Sinister Six, he helped frame Spider-Man for crimes they were committing. He had developed a "Lizard Serum" to grow back his missing left arm, but overdosing on the serum caused him to transform into a reptilian-like monster. With help from Spider-Man, and the recently recruited Black Cat, the Academy students stopped the Lizard from helping the Sinister Six any further. After Curtis returned to his old self, he told Spider-Man that he was considering joining the Academy as a full time student. He then helped him create the Octobot Controller in order to defeat Doctor Octopus.

Character Relationships Edit

Doctor Octopus Edit

Doctor Octopus is a fellow member of the Sinister Six.

Green Goblin Edit

The Green Goblin is a fellow member of the Sinister Six. He pressured Curt into taking the rest of his Lizard Serum all at once, turning him into The Lizard.

Spider-Man Edit

Spider-Man shows remorse for Curt when he is transformed into The Lizard. He wants to try to cure Curt.

Soundbites Edit

The Lizard is voiced by Kestin Howard and Dallas Freeman.

  • "Direct me to the nearessst man hole."
  • "Hsssssss!"
  • "I have a faccce only an alligator would love."
  • "I'm Curtisss Connersss!"
  • "I'm not a monssster!"
  • "Thisss is a minor evolutionary sssetback."
  • "Who wantssss to take a lizard to prom? Anyone?"
  • "You can't judge a book by it's cover."

 Gratitude Lines Edit

  • "If you need an extra limb, I may be able to pull sssome sssstringsssss."
  • "Thankssssss."

Actions Edit

Icon Name Time Location Rank Notes
Action Work Through It
Work Through It 10m Oscorp Lab (lab table) 1
Brainssstorm Antidotesss! 30m Avengers Dorm (right chair) 2
Get Refreshed! 45m Club A (bar) 3
Meet Other Monssstersss! 1h S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. (inside) 5
Action Ssscale Wallsss
Ssscale Wallsss 1h The Daily Bugle (outside) 1
Visssit Pym'sss Lab! 1h Pym's Lab (chemical station) 5
Mar action use computer large v2@4x
Resssearch Dry Ssskin! 2h The Timeless Archives (computer) 3
Action Embraccce Lizardnesss
Embraccce Lizardnesss 2h 30m Paths 1
Dance Like Lizardsss! 3h Club A (dance floor) 2
Holo Display Icon Do Chemical Equationsss! 3h Stark Tower (holo display) 1
Visssit the Sssewersss! 6h The Quinjet Hangar (Quinjet) 4

Trivia Edit

  • Curt's fight with Spider-Man (in the top of the Oscorp Tower) is similar to the final battle from the Amazing Spider-Man (2012 film).
  • Curt has a lisp, which is similar to a lizard's hiss.

Gallery Edit

Icon Gallery Edit

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