The Last Try Pt3

The Last Try, Pt. 3 is a Storyline Quest. Loki is up to his old tricks again.


Character Action Time Location
Loki Plot Domination 8hr (1hr 59m with Frost Giant Loki outfit) Stark Tower (holo display)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Loki: Where's my father?
Nick Fury: I don't go around telling people's business. Find him yourself.
Loki: I may not see him for some time. I'm going home to Asgard. Where I'm respected.
Nick Fury: I've only been to Asgard a couple times, but you remember things a lot different than me...
Loki: ...I can see that now, and I can't believe I missed it before. I think I'll find out just what exactly you remember...
Loki: You forgot yourself, Fury. You mentioned memories, and I saw the flash of something. My things. Secrets. Lies. My sorcery confirmed it.
Nick Fury: Maybe you're just scared to go home. Asgard doesn't remember you as fondly as you remember yourself.
Loki: There it is again. That flash of time, power, death, and despair. I can help you if you tell me what you're hiding. I can tell how much you fear me finding it first...
Nick Fury: Maybe I just want you to stick around and try.
Loki: Maybe. And maybe that's the last mistake you'll ever make...

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