The Destroyer, Pt. 2

The Destroyer, Pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Event. This is the quest that allows you to bring Drax to your Academy.

Requirements Edit

  • Recruit Drax!
    • 8,023 Energy Crystals
    • 5 Bowls of Food
    • 4 Chitauri Blasters
    • 12 Enhanced Armor

Quest Dialogue Edit

Star Lord: We need to stop Ronan and the Chitauri from bringing the Energy Crystals back to the Cosmic Conservatory.
Drax: I'll destroy the Chitauri because they work for Ronan. I'll destroy Ronan because he works for Thanos. I'll destroy Thanos because I hate Thanos.
Star Lord: Whatever floats your boat.
Drax: I've never owned a boat. Even if I did, I doubt it would float on anything but water.
Star Lord: That never gets old...
Drax: I need a ship.
Gamora: We need to help the Terrans before we go back to the Conservatory.
Drax: My vengeance can't wait...
Gamora: It'll have to. There's nothing here that can get us back into space.
Drax: Then you'll have to excuse me. I need to destroy something...

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