The Destroyer Pt1

The Destroyer, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Event. It's time to bring Drax on board!

Requirements Edit

  • Free Drax!
    • 50 Energy Crystals (3s)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Gamora: We need to free another one of our classmates if we're going to defeat enough Chitauri to reach Ronan.
Star Lord: Not Rocket!
Gamora: You're more afraid of Rocket Raccoon than Drax the Destroyer?
Star Lord: Of course. Drax can kill me with one punch, but at least he won't jump on my head, and claw my eyes out. Everybody thinks I double-crossed them, but at least Drax will listen to reason...
Gamora: We'll see about that...
Star Lord: You okay?
Drax: Where's Thanos?
Star Lord: Whoa! We can't say the 'T' word around here!
Drax: We can say anything we want, Quill. We just have to move our lips and tongues around.
Star Lord: I...can't argue with that.

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