The Cold Shoulder, Pt. 4 is a Premium Quest. Loki decides to take his revenge in a different way...


Character Action Time Location
Loki Get Revenge 6hr Paths

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: What are you gonna do?
Frost Giant Loki: What Frost Giants always do. Use my power to destroy an Asgardian...
Odin: I'm not pleased to see you smashing a representation of your brother, but I am happy to see that your sense of humor has returned.
Frost Giant Loki: I've come to realize that I can be proud of what I am. Not to mention that it will make my hatred for Thor more justifiable, and my eventual reign in Asgard more sinister and satisfying.
Odin: That was fairly close to being mature and warm-hearted...
Frost Giant Loki: You can't expect too much from a Frost Giant, father.
Odin: So, I'm your father again, and not just King Odin?
Frost Giant Loki: You will always be my father. You won't be King much longer...

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