The Cold Shoulder, Pt. 3 is a Premium Quest. Wasp finds Loki's new look hot—it's time for a hot dance!


Character Action Time Location
Loki + Wasp Heat Things Up 3hr Club A (dance floor)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: Whoa. You look hot.
Frost Giant Loki: Excuse me?
Wasp: Sorry, it just came out. Why do you look like that?
Frost Giant Loki: Because this is what I look like. My previous guise was a lie. I'm a Frost Giant destined to destroy Avengers Academy on my way to overthrowing Asgard.
Wasp: Well, you should definitely keep going natural. Hey, do you wanna go dancing? If you have time. Before all of your destroying and overthrowing...
Frost Giant Loki: ...I suppose I have time for one dance.
Wasp: You're so lucky.
Frost Giant Loki: I'm a freakish creature who was abandoned by his true family, and deceived by his adopted one.
Wasp: Sure, if you want to be all negative about it. The way I see it, you're a giant and a sorcerer and an Asgardian and a god and a pretty decent dancer. It's really cool.
Frost Giant Loki: You may be right, Bug-Woman. Perhaps there's a different way to get my revenge...

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