The Bifrost is a Building. It is available to repair when you unlock the Asgardian Zone. It is a golden building that lets characters travel to Asgard. As such, this building is most closely tied to Asgardians. The Bifrost takes up 3 x 4 (12) plots.

Requirements Edit

Action Areas Edit

The Bifrost has no upgrades and currently only has one action area.

  • Inside - the character goes inside The Bifrost to travel to Asgard. A light will shine from inside to indicate it is in use. No limit on characters.

Interactions Edit

The Bifrost allows various characters to travel to Asgard.

Drax the Destroyer Edit

  • Look Everywhere for Thanos - 1hr 30m, Inside

Gamora Edit

  • Go Sword Shopping - 1hr 30m, Inside

Groot Edit

  • See the Worlds - 15m, Inside

Loki Edit

  • Travel Home - 45m, Inside

Pepper Potts Edit

  • Visit Potential Recruits - 6hr, Inside

Quake Edit

  • Recruit Your Team - 1hr 30m, Inside

Sif Edit

  • Return Home - 1hr 30m, Inside

Spider-Woman Edit

  • Get Asgardian Intel - 1hr 45m, Inside

Thor (Jane Foster) Edit

  • Return to Asgard! - 1hr 30m, Inside

War Machine Edit

  • Be A Fantasy Hero - 4hr, Inside

Yondu Edit

  • Track Down Artifacts - 1hr 30m, Inside

Trivia Edit

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