The Asgardian Forge is a Building. It is available at level 11. It is an outdoor smithing space; Stage 1 starts out with an anvil next to some molten metal, but Stage 2 adds a magic pool and what seems to be a set of coal containers. There are stairs that go down to an underground section. This building is most closely tied with Asgardians. The Asgardian Forge takes up 4 x 5 (20) plots.

Requirements Edit

  • Stage 1 - Stage 1 of The Asgardian Forge is the basic layout.
    • Unlocks at: Level 11
    • Quest: Forging Bonds, Pt. 3
    • Cost: 1,158 Credits 
    • Time: 12hr
    • New Action Areas: Anvil, Inside
  • Stage 2 - Stage 2 of The Asgardian Forge adds a magic pool.
    • Unlocks at: Level 19
    • Quest: Enchant and Destroy
    • Cost: 6,245 Credits 
    • Time: 20hr
    • New Action Areas: Magic Pool
  • Stage 3 - Stage 3 of The Asgardian Forge adds ???
    • Unlocks at: Level 43
    • Quest: ???
    • Cost: ??? Credits 
    • Time: ???
    • New Action Areas: ???

Action Areas Edit

As you upgrade The Asgardian Forge, you add to the available action areas.

  • Anvil - the characters use the anvil to smith a piece of metal, dropping it back into the molten pot near the anvil periodically. Available at Stage 1. One character at a time.
  • Inside - the character goes down the stairs to the area under the Stage. Presumably a light will shine from inside to indicate it is in use. Available at Stage 1. No limit on characters.
  • Magic Pool - the characters summon a floating book near the golden, magic pool and perform spells. Some characters, such as Loki and Enchantress, levitate small objects from a nearby bin and cast magic on the item. Available at Stage 2. One character at a time.

Interactions Edit

The Asgardian Forge allows various interactions for many characters.

Black Knight Edit

  • Practice Swordsmanship - 15m, Anvil

Black Panther Edit

  • Work With Vibranium - 2m, Anvil

Captain America Edit

  • Test Shield Integrity - 1m, Anvil

Drax the Destroyer Edit

  • Get Heated - 1m, Anvil

Enchantress Edit

  • Curse Artifacts - 4h, Magic Pool
  • Enchant Artifacts - 8h, Magic Pool

Falcon Edit

  • Fix What's Broke - 2h, Anvil

Gamora Edit

  • Face the Fire - 1m, Anvil

Iron Man Edit

  • Drop The Hammer - 1m, Anvil

Loki Edit

  • Enchant And Conquer - 2m, Magic Pool
  • Imbue Magic - 2m, Magic Pool

Nebula Edit

  • Hit Something - 1m, Anvil

Pepper Potts Edit

  • Forge Ahead - 45m, Anvil

Quake Edit

  • Make Sparks Fly - 4h, Anvil

Star-Lord Edit

  • Eyeball The Magic Stuff - 1m, Anvil

Taskmaster Edit

  • Be A Blacksmith - 2h, Anvil

Vision Edit

  • Manipulate Magic - 45m, Magic Pool

War Machine Edit

  • Get The Kinks Out - 8h, Anvil

Winter Soldier Edit

  • Keep Warm - 8h, Anvil

Yondu Edit

  • Repair Parts - 1m, Anvil

Trivia Edit

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