Take Charge, Pt. 3

Take Charge, Pt. 3 is a Event Quest. Pepper Potts needs to head out to stop a potential recruit from chewing up a building.


  • Upgrade Pepper Potts! (Rank 4)
    • 8,650 Credits
Character Action Time Location
Pepper Potts Save The Day Again 4hr The Quinjet Hangar (Quinjet)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Pepper Potts: I need to take care of a recruiting issue. Will you please keep an eye on Tony?
Captain America: I always do. What's the problem?
Pepper Potts: One of our potential recruits is...chewing on a building.
Captain America: At least our lives are never boring...
Pepper Potts: When I get back, please give me some tips on staying positive...
Captain America: Did your recruit eat a building?
Pepper Potts: No, thank goodness. A little girl helped me talk him down. Did Tony accidentally burn down the campus?
Captain America: No, he spent the whole time reading a book about famous historical women.
Pepper Potts: That's...good? Weird? Creepy?
Captain America: That's Tony.

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