Super Recruit, Pt

Super Recruit Pt. 1 is an Event Quest for the limited-time Women of Power event. Pepper needs assistance gathering intel on the new recruits, and enlists Black Widow and Loki to help.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Black Widow Search for Clues 1m Quad (walking)
Loki Wield Sorcery 1m Quad (walking)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Nick Fury: How's that list coming?
Pepper Potts: Almost finished. I've asked some of the students to help me look for additional intel, but soon we'll have a comprehensive list of the twenty most powerful unsigned superhumans on the planet.
Nick Fury: How do you plan on convincing them all to attend Avengers Academy instead of Hydra School?
Pepper Potts: I usually just remind recruits that Hydra is evil. Unless they're also sort of evil. In which case, I tell them that we have a shawarma stand and a hot tub. That usually works...
Pepper Potts: The list of super recruits is finished. If we get even half of these...people, we'll be unstoppable.
Nick Fury: Nice work, Potts. If all my recruits were as smart and driven as you, I'd have nothing to worry about.
Pepper Potts: You'd find something to worry about.
Nick Fury: You're probably right. I have an aversion to relaxation.

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