Suited Up

Suited Up is a Storyline Quest. Iron Man feels the need to prepare to face upcoming threats.

Requirements Edit

  • Upgrade Iron Man! (Rank 3)
    • 796 Credits
    • 5 Avengers Textbooks
    • 10 Trophies
Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Design Armor 5m Stark Tower (Holo Display)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Man: I need to work on my suit. I don't think Natasha and Fury take me serious, and I want to be able to help against Hydra and whatever else comes up....
Wasp: Don't go getting all responsible on me, Tony.
Iron Man: Don't worry, the whole time I'll be bumping loud music, and almost exploding things. My seriousness has its limits.
Iron Man: Now I just need to work on my helmet...
Wasp: You're gonna cover your face?
Iron Man: Yeah, but the faceplate will lift up everytime I say something cool.

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