Steps To Success, Pt. 1

Steps To Success, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest in the limited-time Gamma Attack! event. Time to start buying the related items you'll unlock by collecting Blue Gamma Blockers.


Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: Come on, Loki! We need to keep training so we can pound on A-Bomb, and break The Leader's mind control over him!
Loki: What exactly do you think I've been doing?
Wasp: I see you dancing all the time. By yourself. It's weird...
Loki: I will admit that this dance floor has a peculiar hold over me. My rhythm is without question, yet I continually feel compelled to prove my mastery...
Wasp: Whatever. It's cool you like to dance, but we've got monsters to punch!
Loki: I feel stronger than ever. Victory is inevitable.
Wasp: You're talking about defeating The Leader, and not mastering the dance floor, right?
Loki: ...of course.

Gallery Edit

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