Step Right Up, Pt. 2

Step Right Up, Pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the limited-time Gamma Attack! event. Wasp took some hard hits fighting Red Hulk, so Falcon's back up to bat.


  • Get 50 Red Gamma Blockers
    • Each Battle with Red Hulk gives you 11 RGB
  • Place the Gamma Cannon
Character Action Time Location Needed to Battle
Wasp Check Secret Weapons 2hr Stark Tower (inside) 5
Black Widow Search For Weakness 4hr Quad (walking) 3
Falcon Practice Agility 8hr Quad (flying) 2
A-Bomb Roll To Battle 12hr Quad (walking) (automatically gives 1 RGB)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Falcon: I'll take next shot at Red Hulk while Wasp is out of it...
Black Widow: Just be careful.
Falcon: I didn't know you cared...
Black Widow: You didn't know I cared whether or not you get murdered by an irradiated monster? I know I'm not the most emotional person, but give me some credit...
Black Widow: Nice work, Falcon. I'll take over fighting Red Hulk from here.
Falcon: I can do it...
Black Widow: No you can't.
Falcon: I can try...
Black Widow: But you shouldn't.
Falcon: I respect your honesty...

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