Star Warriors Pt1

Star Warriors, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Event. Our new heroes need a proper place to train.

Requirements Edit

  • Build the Cosmic Combat Simulator!
    • Cost: 2 Chitauri Armors, 6325 Energy Crystals
    • Time: 4hr

Quest Dialogue Edit

Gamora: We need a place to train if we're going to get through the Chtauri to take down Ronan.
Star Lord: You probably didn't notice since you were sleeping in the escape pod, but I've been doing pretty good out here...
Gamora: I've seen you fight, Quill.
Star Lord: Fine. I'll work with Tony Stark to design a combat building that works for all of us.
Gamora: You trust him?
Star Lord: Yeah, he's great. He's like me if I would've stayed on Earth. And had a bunch of money. And knew how to make things...
Star Lord: Not bad, huh? Finally a place for the intergalactic assassin in all of us.
Gamora: Not bad at all. Although Tony Stark did all the work.
Star Lord: I had some ideas...
Gamora: I noticed the training dummy. That's probably the best idea you've ever had.

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