Star Power, Pt. 3

Star Power, Pt. 3 is Event Quest for the limited-time Guardians of the Galaxy event. Iron Man needs to test the limits of his new suit. Hank is very excited for any outcome, up to and including Tony exploding.


Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Activate Space Repulsors 15m The Blasting Range (firing points)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Hank Pym: Tony Stark! I'm unbelievably eager to view how you'll integrate intergalactic energy into your existing repulsor technology!
Intergalactic Iron Man: Thanks, Professor Pym. I'm actually about to test it out at the Blasting Range for the first time. Let's just hope I don't blow myself up...
Hank Pym: Every possible outcome is an exciting new learning opportunity! Science!
War Machine: Sweet new repulsors, Tony! Can I get some?
Intergalactic Iron Man: I'd probably have to build you a new suit. Then you'd need a new name...
War Machine: How about Space Machine?
Intergalactic Iron Man: Sounds like one of those vaccuum seal bags that makes sweaters fit better in your closet.
War Machine: War Space? Space Warrior? Galaxy Man?
Intergalactic Iron Man: You keep working on the name. I'll work on the suit...

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