Star Power, Pt. 2

Star Power, Pt. 2 is Event Quest for the limited-time Guardians of the Galaxy event. Iron Man, Black Widow, and Wasp are still trying to find some way to defeat the Chitauri.


Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Do Super-Science 3m Stark Tower (holo display)
Wasp Have A Blast! 2m The Blasting Range (firing points)
Black Widow Search For Clues 1m Paths

Quest Dialogue Edit

Black Widow: You find anything in space to help us fight off Ronan and the Chitauri?
Intergalactic Iron Man: No, but I accidentally made Wasp mad, so she might just take them all out by herself.
Black Widow: I'll see if I can find some clues around campus. They have to have some kind of weakness...
Intergalactic Iron Man: My weakness is pretty girls. And electromagnetic pulses. And grilled cheese sandwiches. And people forcibly ripping out my Arc Reactor...
Black Widow: I don't have any.
Intergalactic Iron Man: I knew you'd say that.
Black Widow: I didn't find a secret weakness, but as long as we keep disrupting their force fields, we should be able to take them out.
Intergalactic Iron Man: I'm working on using some of the alternate power sources I found in space to add more power to my repulsors.
Black Widow: I give you a hard time, Tony, but I'm glad you're on our team.
Intergalactic Iron Man: I'll make some #TeamTony shirts.
Black Widow: Just thinking about it makes my skin itch.

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