This page covers speculation about potential features, events, and other characters; that are either found in code, hinted at in-game (but not confirmed for release), or teased by developers.

Characters Found In Code Edit

Referenced Characters Edit

Alpha Flight Edit

Refrenced by the A.I.M. Scientist and Hydra Bully during the Legends Assemble Event.

Bartroc Edit

Mentioned early in game along with Arnim Zola and madame masque by black widow to be high ranking members of hydra

Cullen Bloodstone Edit

Mentioned by Elsa Bloodstone as her no good brother

Daimon Hellstrom Edit

Daimon Hellstrom, the Devil's son and Satana's brother, was referenced by Nico Minoru.

Doctor Doom (Victor Von Doom) Edit

Doctor Doom was one of the super recruits Pepper Potts had the Avengers Academy students visiting during this event. Captain America tries to converse with him, but is driven back by an army of robots.

Ghost Rider (Johnathon "Johnny" Blaze) Edit

Ghost Rider is referenced by one of Robbie Reyes' soundbites.

Echo and Shang chi Edit

Echo and Shang chi were mentioned by Hellcat, said to be guarding Hell's Kitchen.

Immortal Weapons Edit

Odin wants them to join the Academy.

Madame Masque Edit

Mentioned early in game along with bartroc and arnim Zola by baron Zemo and black widow to be high ranking members of hydra

Madame Web Edit

Mentioned during spider-man event

Morgan le Fay Edit

Morgan le Fay, the Dark Sorceress from another time, was referenced by Nico Minoru.

The Runaways Edit

A-Bomb & Nico Minoru have an actions called Contact The Runaways & Visit the Runaways, respectively.

Sinister Six potential members Edit

Shocker, Sandman, Scorpion and Rhino were all referenced by Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin to be potential members of the Sinister Six during the Spider-Man Event.


Speedball is mentioned by Squirrel Girl in one of Hairball’s story quests. Squirrel Girl called him “Robbie.”

Warriors Three Edit

Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg, the trio of well-known Asgardian warriors, were referenced by Wasp.

Characters Confirmed Through Outside Sources Edit

​Features Edit

Visiting other people's Academy Edit

In the games code it has been found out that in the future you will be able to visit other people Academy.

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