Sidekicks, Pt. 4

Sidekicks?, Pt. 4 is a Premium Quest. Nick Fury has a job for War Machine—take down some HYDRA goons running wild in the city.


Character Action Time Location
War Machine Take Down Hydra 3hr The Quinjet Hangar (Quinjet)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Nick Fury: We got reports of some Hydra Enforcers wrecking the city. Can you handle it?
War Machine: You sure you want me?
Nick Fury: You're one of my best and bravest. Should I get somebody else?
War Machine: I'll take care of it.
Nick Fury: Good. And take the Quinjet. I want these snakes to learn that the sight of that plane means a beatdown is coming.
Nick Fury: Nice work. I'm gonna use that footage for away-mission instruction.
War Machine: Thank you, sir.
Nick Fury: I know you guys get labeled as leaders and sidekicks and villains and whatever else, but always remember that you're all just annoying rookies to me.
War Machine: Yes, sir.

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