Sidekicks, Pt. 3

Sidekicks?, Pt. 3 is a Premium Quest. Pranking Iron Man was a bust, now it's time to give Loki what's coming to him.


Character Action Time Location
War Machine Mess With Spellbooks 1hr Avengers Dorm (inside)
Enchantress + Loki Be A Distraction 1hr Club A (dance floor)

Quest Dialogue Edit

War Machine: Humiliating Tony is hopeless since he's always humiliating himself. I say we mess with Loki's spellbooks so his magic backfires.
Falcon: Cool, I still owe him from the time he redecorated my room like a bird's nest.
Enchantress: ...
Falcon: You did that?!
Enchantress: No, but it was my idea for him to pre-chew all of the food in your fridge.
Loki: You tried to prank the god of mischief? My spellbooks sense when anyone else touches them. Not to mention, Enchantress leaves the Archives reeking like hairspray and almond milk. Amateurs...
Enchantress: I'm over it. I was never second to anyone, and you two will always be losers.
Falcon: I think I'm done too. I'd feel guilty pranking Cap anyway.
War Machine: You're right. We don't need to take them down to get on their level. We need to prove that we can be heroes without them...

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