Sidekicks, Pt. 2

Sidekicks?, Pt. 2 is a Premium Quest. War Machine is nobody's sidekick! And he's gonna prove it by teaming up with Enchantress and Falcon to take Iron Man down a peg.


Character Action Time Location
War Machine Polish Pilot Skills 45m The Quinjet Hangar (Quinjet)
Enchantress Cast Spells 1m Quad (walking)
Falcon Swing The Wings 15m The Robo Dojo (arena)

Quest Dialogue Edit

War Machine: It's time to take our partners down a peg. To get some respect. To show everybody that we're nobody's sidekick. We start with Tony Stark...
Falcon: I'm in.
Enchantress: As long as Loki's next...
Iron Man: What's up?
War Machine: We created a distraction so Enchantress could cast a spell to make you think you're naked.
Iron Man: Oh, that's what happened. I was wondering why I was suddenly naked.
War Machine: But you didn't go inside. Or put on clothes. Or get embarrassed.
Iron Man: There's a sudden epidemic of nakedness, and I'm gonna go inside? C'mon Rhodey, you know me better than that.

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