Sidekicks, Pt. 1

Sidekicks?, Pt. 1 is a Premium Quest. Iron Man and War Machine are competing to see who has the better armor.


Character Action Time Location
War Machine Get Some Air 30m Quad (flying)
Iron Man Get Some Fresh Air 1m Quad (flying)

Quest Dialogue Edit

War Machine: Wanna go flying?
Iron Man: Don't you ever get full from eating all of my dust?
War Machine: Don't you ever get sick of hearing yourself talk?
Iron Man: No. Is that even a thing?
War Machine: Ha! Tell me you didn't just get owned by my flying prowess!
Iron Man: ...
War Machine: Don't be a sore loser, Tony.
Iron Man: Even if you were better with the suit, which you're not, I'll always be the guy who built it. Based off of the original...
War Machine: You calling me a knockoff?
Iron Man: More like my sidekick.

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