She Means Business, Pt. 1

She Means Business, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest for the limited-time Women Of Power event. Pepper Potts wants Iron Man to make her a suit, pronto!

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Tinker With Tech 1hr Avengers Dorm (left chair)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Pepper Potts: What do you think about making me a suit like yours?
Iron Man: I think I already did.
Pepper Potts: Really?!
Iron Man: Well, sort of. I've designed suits for everybody. Suits for defeating everybody too if I had to. Just haven't actually built any of them yet.
Pepper Potts: Would you mind making mine a priority?
Iron Man: I usually try to put something off until the last possible second before whether I complete it or not determines the fate of the world. But for you, I'll make an exception...
Iron Man: I think you'll love your new suit. What's your Super Hero name gonna be?
Pepper Potts: I have a long list of ideas, but I haven't decided yet. I'm leaning towards Rescue...
Iron Man: You should be The Pepper Grinder!
Pepper Potts: Seriously?
Iron Man: Think about it! You'll fly in over some bad guy's head, and be like, "Would you like some Pepper with that?" Then BANG! Repulsor! POW! Unibeam! BOOM! Cool pose!
Pepper Potts: Thanks. I'll add it to the list...

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