Run For It Pt1

Run For It, Pt. 1 is a Storyline Quest. Black Widow wants to go for a run to help clear her head.


Character Action Time Location
Black Widow Run In Silence 1m Avengers Stadium (track)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: Where are you going?
Black Widow: I'm gonna run some laps. It helps me gather my thoughts about everything that's been going on, and plan my next moves.
Wasp: I'll go to! Running buddies!
Black Widow: I like your company, but I need to be away from people, and have some peace and quiet so I can think...
Wasp: I love that you're so weird.
Wasp: Tell me about all the ideas you got from running in ovals!
Black Widow: I think there must be more people and buildings lost in the timefog. I think I can find clues on the campus to things that might have escaped without anyone noticing...
Wasp: When I run, I just think about how much I don't like running.

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