Rock solo

Rock Solo is a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Event. Gamora wants to share her songs about the pointlessness of life with the other Academy students.

Requirements Edit

  • Upgrade Club Galaxy to Level 2!
    • Cost: 2 Chitauri Armor, 1,059 Energy Crystals
    • Time: 3hr
Character Action Time Location
Gamora Melt Faces 3m Club Galaxy (guitar)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: How come you aren't cutting up more alien invaders?
Gamora: I have to step away before it drives me insane. I'll feel better after I perform my new song...
Wasp: Cool! What's it about? Love? Boys? Parties? Being in love with boys at parties?
Gamora: It's about hope slowly drowning in a meaningless void.
Wasp: Do you need a backup dancer?!
Wasp: That was awesome!
Gamora: You like my music?
Wasp: I couldn't really tell what you were screaming, but I love how you just get up there and rock it! That's some serious girl power!
Gamora: Thank you. I actually feel like I might like you...
Wasp: Let's start a band! I'm gonna go rip up all my shirts!

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