Reign Supreme Pt1

Reign Supreme, Pt. 1 is a Storyline Quest. Getting Wasp on their side has failed, so A.I.M. are trying their luck with Ms. Marvel.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Ms. Marvel Study Every Subject 3m The Timeless Archives (book)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Ms. Marvel: Scientist Supreme?!
Scientist Supreme: Greetings, Ms. Marvel. Or do you prefer Kamala Khan?
Ms. Marvel: You don't wanna mess with me...
Scientist Supreme: I certainly don't. I still have a bruise shaped like your massive fist covering every inch of my body after our last encounter. I only want to make you an offer...
Ms. Marvel: I have to study.
Scientist Supreme: Please don't let me stop you! No one appreciates the journey to higher learning more than A.I.M.'s Scientist Supreme...
Ms. Marvel: What do you want?
Scientist Supreme: I want you to help me save the world. I want you to not just be the one looking up to her heroes, but the one standing above it all...
Ms. Marvel: We already crushed A.I.M....
Scientist Supreme: That is an absolutely accurate assessment. But I want to construct a new A.I.M. A better A.I.M. I just need a uniqely intelligent, valiant, and powerful hero to help me do it...

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