Real life pt2

Real Life, pt. 2 is a Storyline Quest tied to Star-Lord's upgrade chain. Now that he's had his fun, it's time to get to work.

Requirements Edit

  • In Guardians of the Galaxy Event
    • Upgrade Star-Lord! (Rank 2)
      • 1,832 Energy Crystals
      • 4 Chitauri Armor
      • 12 Cassette Tapes
  • Post Event
    • Upgrade Star-Lord! (Rank 2)
      • 40 Guardians Badge
Character Action Time Location
Star-Lord Fake a Training Montage 15m Avengers Dorm (punching bag)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Nick Fury: Why are you cavorting with the enemy, Quill?
Star Lord: Nobody's cavorting with anybody. I don't think. What's cavorting?
Nick Fury: I see you chatting it up with a Chitauran, and next thing I know he's making a mess of my bushes, and ruining a brand-new blanket.
Star Lord: At least he's not fighting...
Nick Fury: Neither are you! Get to work, and get back in the fight, or I'll hand you over to Ronan myself!
Star Lord: Not bad, huh? I should have my own action movie.
Nick Fury: I'd be surprised if they even let you in the theater.
Star Lord: Oh, they love me. I can eat a lot of popcorn.
Nick Fury: Just get back in the fight, Quill.
Star Lord: That was my plan, but now all I can think about is popcorn...

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