Parental Approval

Parental Approval is a Storyline Quest. Loki wants Odin to evaluate his performance now that he's not being overshadowed by Thor.


Character Action Time Location
Loki Unleash Destruction 30m The Robo Dojo (arena)
Loki + 1 other character Use A Force Field 4hr The Arena Of War (stage)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Loki: Father, will you review my combat technique? I'd like to keep improving, and you have more battle experience than anyone.
Odin: What's your game, Loki?
Loki: There is no game. You've always pushed me to practice combat, and without Thor here to overshadow and bully me, I'm finally finding it enjoyable.
Odin: Good. I'll happily review your technique, and I'm glad you're recognizing the value of hand-to-hand combat. But I wish you missed your brother more...
Loki: Believe it or not, I do miss him sometimes. I do not miss getting hit with a hammer.
Loki: Did I do well, or very well?
Odin: You did well, Loki. For a beginner.
Loki: But I genuinely tried. I thought you'd be impressed...
Odin: I am impressed that you genuinely tried. We can train together, and I can show you how to improve. Combat is difficult. Even Thor struggled to--
Loki: I am not Thor! And I don't need your help or your approval! I'll show you just how difficult combat can be...

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