No Days Off, Pt. 2

No Days Off, Pt. 2 is a Storyline Quest. It involves Captain America and Falcon heading off a Hydra attack against the Academy.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Captain America + Falcon Defend The Academy! 2hr The Quinjet Hangar (Quinjet)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Hydra Enforcer: Madame Hydra will bump us up to Agent after trashing Avengers Academy, and taking out Captain America.
Falcon: What about me?
Hydra Enforcer: Nobody knows who you are. But don't worry, we'll still knock you out for fun...
Captain America: We aren't gonna fight here. You wanna fight, we'll meet you at what's left of Hydra School and finish it there. I'll just stand back and watch Falcon embarrass you...
Falcon: They know who I am now.
Captain America: C'mon, let's celebrate.
Falcon: Seriously?
Captain America: I don't joke about fun. Or pretty much anything else. But I do celebrate with my teammates when we take down Hydra. C'mon, I'll show you how they party where I'm from...

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