Multiverse Special Event began on 2 June 2017, and features the characters: Bucky Barnes, Captain America 2099, Thor Noir, Longbow, Ghost Rider 2099 and Keeper Murdock as recruitable and premium characters.

Story Edit

Maestro, a far-future Hulk from another universe, utilizes both Bruce Banner’s incredible intelligence and the Green Goliath’s nastier qualities to rule with an iron fist.

Hungry for power, he’s taken to conquering various alternate Earths throughout the multiverse. The opportunity to prove his might against the combined power of Avengers Academy’s students and faculty becomes too hard to pass up. So now, he sets his sights on our campus.

Maestro has already conquered every hero in every reality,and now he set his sights on Avengers Academy! The Avengers must travel to alternate universes to find new Super Heroes and outfits to stop Maestro from taking over their world!

How to Play Edit

Episode 1 Edit

  • Enter the Timestream through portals from Avengers Academy's past! Timestream missions earn the resources needed to battle A.I.M. and Maestro!
  • Battle your way through A.I.M.'s forces throughout time and space!
  • Take out Maestro's enforcer, Thor Noir! Battling him will grant you the resources needed to upgrade Chronopolis and move on to Episode 2!

Episode 2 Edit

  • Take out Maestro's enforcer, Keeper Murdock! Battling him will grant you the resources needed to upgrade Chronopolis and move on to Episode 3!

Episode 3 Edit

  • Take out Maestro's enforcer, Ghost Rider 2099! Battling him will grant you the resources needed to upgrade Chronopolis and move on to Episode 4!

Episode 4 Edit

  • Fight Maestro! Battles with him will grant you resources needed to complete episode 4 and recruit Keeper Murdock!

Characters Edit

Captain America 2099 Edit

  • 10 Plasma Wings (from Timestream missions)
  • 6 Blue Timegates (from fighting Thor Noir)
  • 6 Volleyballs (from defeating Battles Zones 1)
  • 12 Holo-Lenses (from the Captain America 2099 Poster)

Bucky Barnes Edit

  • Costs 595 shards

Thor Noir Edit

  • 10 Noir Films (from Episode 2 Timestream missions)
  • 6 Red Timegates (from fighting Keeper Murdock and Timestream missions)
  • 6 Suspenders (from defeating Battles Zones 2)
  • 15 Fedoras (from Thor Noir's Car)

Peggy Carter Edit

  • 195 Shards

Devil Dinosaur Edit

  • Multiversal Crate (65 Shards per use)

Longbow Edit

  • 10 Tights (from Episode 3 Timestream missions)
  • 6 Purple Timegates (from fighting Ghost Rider 2099 and Timestream missions)
  • 6 Feathers (from defeating Battles Zones 3)
  • 8 Arrows (from Longbow's Archer Tower)

Winter Soldier Edit

  • 100 Winter Soldier Tokens
    • Battle Ghost Rider 2099 streaks 10+
    • Battle Maestro streaks 6+

Spider-Man 2099 Edit

  • Costs 545 shards

Ghost Rider 2099 Edit

  • 5 Black Timegates (from fighting Maestro and Timestream missions)
  • 24 Driving Gloves (from Ghost Rider 2099's Hoverbike)
  • 10 Chainsaws (from Timestream missions)
  • 6 Computers (from defeating Battles Zones 4)

Keeper Murdock Edit

  • 9 Black Timegates (from fighting Maestro and Timestream missions)
  • 10 Cybernetic Visors (from Episode 4 Timestream missions)
  • 6 Bow Ties (from defeating Battles Zones 4)
  • 8 Canes (from the Murdog Monument)

Outfits Edit

Original Wasp Edit

  • 24 Flowers (from mission board)
  • 4 Go-Go Boots (from Wasp's 60's Car)
  • 10 Bell Bottoms (from Timestream missions)
  • 6 Pym Particle Containers (from defeating Battles Zones)
  • 2,020 Trophies

Medieval Spider-Woman Edit

  • 15 Time Luggage (from Reality Heroic battles)
  • 3 Maces (from defeating Thor Noir)

1872 Black Widow Edit

  • 18 Cowboy Hats (from mission board)
  • 12 Spurs (from Black Widow's Horse)
  • 10 Lassos (from Timestream missions)
  • 6 Holsters (from defeating Battles Zones)
  • 2,770 Trophies

Sheriff Captain America Edit

  • Wild West Crate (85 Shards per use)

Nerkkod Mockingbird Edit

  • 20 Time Luggage (from Reality Heroic battles)
  • 9 Hammers of Nerkkod (from Timestream missions)

Steampunk Iron Man Edit

  • 22 Brass Gears (from mission board)
  • 8 Coals (from Iron Man's Airship)
  • 10 Lightning Bottles (from Timestream missions)
  • 6 Steam Engine (from defeating Battles Zones)
  • 3,950 Trophies

Assassin TaskmasterEdit

  • 25 Time Luggage (from Reality Heroic battles)
  • 65 Nightshade (from Maestro's chests)

Carol Corps Ms. MarvelEdit

  • 25 Time Luggage (from Reality Heroic battles)
  • 3 Carol Corps IDs (from fighting Maestro's higher streaks)

Crates Edit

Wild West Crate! Edit

Multiversal Crate! Edit

Event Buildings Edit

Post-Apocalyptic Stark Tower Edit

  • Cost: 400 Trophies
  • Info: Of course his hot tub survived the apocalypse.
  • Size: 5x3

Event Generators Edit

Black Widow's Saloon Edit

  • Cost: 545 Shards
  • Info: This animated cornerstone of the frontier is your ultimate source for Blue Timegates! Use Blue Timegates to recruit and level up Captain America 2099, and level up Bucky Barnes!
  • Effect: Drops 6 Blue Timegates per day
  • Size: 4x3

Post-Apocalyptic Rover Edit

  • Cost: 245 Shards
  • Info: This awesome vehicle generates more Trophies!
  • Effect: Drops 300 Trophies ever 12 hrs
  • Size: 4x2

Post-Apocalyptic Monster Truck Edit

  • Cost: 445 Shards
  • Info: This monstrous awesomeness is the ultimate source for Trophies!
  • Effect: Drops 600 Trophies every 12 hrs
  • Size: 4x2

A.I.M. Minion Mobile Edit

  • Cost: 345 Shards
  • Info: This high-tech vehicle generates more Time Traps!
  • Effect: Drops 6 Time Traps per day
  • Size: ?

Steampunk Airship Edit

  • Cost: 545 Shards
  • Info: This animated scene is the ultimate source for Red Timegates!
  • Effect: Drops 6 Red Timegates per day
  • Size: ?

Groovy Dance Party! Edit

  • Cost: 445 Shards
  • Info: This animated scene is the ultimate source for Purple Timegates!
  • Effect: Drops 6 Purple Timegates per day
  • Size: ?

Medieval Joust Edit

  • Cost: 255 Shards
  • Info: This animated scene is the ultimate source for Black Timegates!
  • Effect: Drops 12 Black Timegates per day
  • Size: ?

Event Decorations Edit

Chronopolis Edit

  • Cost: 550 Trophies
  • Info: They're renting out Kang's place
  • Size: 2x2

Wasp's 60's Car Edit

  • Cost: 1,020 Trophies
  • Info: It's totally groovy!
  • Effect: Drops 1 Go-Go Boots every 4 hrs
  • Size: 3x2

Captain America 2099 Poster Edit

  • Cost: 1,630 Trophies, 2 Blue Timegates
  • Info: In the future, being awesome is a crime.
  • Effect: Drops 9 Holo-Lenses per day
  • Size: 1x1

Black Widow's Horse Edit

  • Cost: 1,230 Trophies,
  • Info: The sneakiest horse in the west!
  • Effect: Drops 9 Spurs per day
  • Size: 1x2

Thor Noir's Car Edit

  • Cost: 1 Blue Timegate, 2 Red Timegates, 1,880 Trophies
  • Info: He doesn't need a car for transportation, so he mostly just throws it at people.
  • Effect: Drops 12 Fedoras per day
  • Size: 2x3

Iron Man's Airship Edit

  • Cost: 1 Red Timegate, 1,890 Trophies
  • Info: The latest in 1602 technology!
  • Effect: Drops 6 Coal per day
  • Size: 3x2

Longbow's Archer Tower Edit

  • Cost: 2 Purple Timegates, 2 Blue Timegates, 2 Red Timegates, 2,910 Trophies
  • Info: Truth be told, he's fallen off the top a couple times.
  • Effect: Drops 6 Arrows per day
  • Size: 2x2

Ghost Rider 2099's Hoverbike Edit

  • Cost: 1 Purple Timegate, 3 Blue Timegates, 2 Red Timegates, 4,010 Trophies
  • Info: Everything hovers in 2099.
  • Effect: Drops 12 Driving Gloves per day
  • Size: 2x1

Murdog Monument Edit

  • Cost:
  • Info:
  • Effect: Drops 6 Canes per day
  • Size: 1x1

Bonus Prizes Edit

Bucky Bear Edit

  • Cost: 15 Domino Masks, 9,390 Trophies
  • Info: In darker times, he will become the Winter Snuggler.
  • Size: 1x1

Nerkkod Corgi Edit

  • Cost: 15 Lightning Bugs, 12,020 Trophies
  • Info: Behold! The cuddliest breaker of oceans!
  • Size: 1x1

Spider-Woman's DragonEdit

  • Cost: 15 Turkey Legs, 19,140 Trophies
  • Info: Double Agent Dragon!
  • Size: 2x2

Carol Corps Plane Edit

  • Cost:
  • Info:
  • Size: 3x3

Bonus Decorations Edit

Bonus Challenges Edit

Universal Challenge Edit

Collect all four outfits to win 1000 Infinity Shards!

  • Medieval Spider-Woman
  • Nerkkod Mockingbird
  • Assassin Taskmaster
  • Carol Corps Ms. Marvel

Maestro's Challenge! Edit

Complete all four challenges to earn 50 shards!

  • Complete 100 Timestream Missions
  • Earn 65 Stars
  • Open 100 Maestro's chests
  • Defeat Maestro Streak 5

Trivia Edit

  • Spider Man 2099 returns as premiun character. In his add is revealed that he will be a part of a Spider-Man: Homecoming-themed Event.

Gallery Edit

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