Most Dangerous Pt2

Most Dangerous, Pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Event. This is the quest to unlock Gamora.

Requirements Edit

  • Recruit Gamora!
    • 3 Daggers
    • 9 Nihilistic Literature
    • 6 Chitauri Armor
    • 1,372 Energy Crystals

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Man: Hey. I'm Tony.
Gamora: I'm bleeding internally after battling a tyrant, and crashing to this worthless planet in an escape pod...
Iron Man: Well your hair looks great.
Gamora: Please don't tell me that every Terran is exactly like Quill...
Iron Man: There's only one Tony Stark.
Gamora: That's a relief...
Black Widow: How do you plan on stopping the Chitauri?
Gamora: With my sword.
Black Widow: I like you already...

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