Mind Control, Pt. 2

Mind Control, Pt. 2 is a Storyline Quest. Since getting Falcon under her control failed, Enchantress is trying her luck with Iron Man.


Character Action Time Location
Enchantress + Iron Man Hypnotize Iron Man 2hr Quad (middle left)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Enchantress: Hello, Tony. You look especially handsome today.
Iron Man: I know. I feel like every day I get a little more attractive. I guess I'm becoming distinguished.
Enchantress: I need the assistance of a strong, handsome man to tell me exactly what's hiding beneath the timefog.
Iron Man: Did you ask Cap? He's only slightly less statuesque. I just made smoothies, or else I'd definitely help...
Enchantress: Oh, you'll do more than help. You'll do everything I say...
Iron Man: Hello, Falcon. I am Anthony Edward Stark. You may know me as Iron Man. We are friends, so please tell me everything you know regarding the most powerful artifact hidden beneath the timefog.
Falcon: ...
Iron Man: Should we break some ice by discussing the specific Midgardian sporting team that we both inexplicably find fascinating?
Falcon: C'mon. We need to find somebody who can fix hypno-brain...

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