Man Or Machine, Pt. 2

Man Or Machine, Pt. 2 is a Premium Quest. Iron Man is building the War Machine armor!


Character Action Time Location
War Machine Bring Out The Big Gun 2m The Blasting Range (firing points)
Iron Man Tinker With Tech 1hr Avengers Dorm (left chair)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Man: What's gonna be your Super Hero name?
War Machine: Smash Blastman!
Iron Man: ...
War Machine: ...War Machine?
Iron Man: I'd go with that.
War Machine: Are you making it grey so you'll be flashier?
Iron Man: You like grey. I like flashy.
War Machine: Looks like I'm gonna be way tougher.
Iron Man: I'm fine with being faster and more handsome.
War Machine: I'd rather be smarter and stronger.
Iron Man: Whatever you say, Smash Blastman.

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