Make Space

Make Space is an Event Quest for the limited-time Guardians of the Galaxy event. Iron Man thinks he's come up with weapons that will be able to stop Ronan and the Chitauri. But could they cause even more danger to the Academy? Only one way to find out!


  • Unlock Intergalactic Iron Man!
    • 4 Alien Brochures
    • 12 Translators
    • 3 Rocket Thrusters
    • 5 Sample Canisters
    • 418 Energy Crystals
  • Activate Space Repulsors
  • Defeat a Chitauri Minion
Character Action Time Location Notes
Iron Man Design Rocket Thrusters 4hr Stark Tower (holo display) Drops 1 Rocket Thruster
Iron Man Activate Space Repulsors 15m The Blasting Range (firing points)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Man: I've learned a lot about these guys and their tech from all of this wreckage. I'm pretty sure I can design a suit with weapons strong enough to do some serious damage.
Pepper Potts: Is it safe?
Iron Man: Is it safe for me to fight this psycho Ronan, and his army of creepy mummy aliens? No, not really...
Pepper Potts: I meant are the weapons you're making safe. Like are you sure they won't endanger the Academy even more?
Iron Man: There's only one way to find out.
Pepper Potts: That's my least favorite thing you say. And that's saying a lot.
Intergalactic Iron Man: Not bad, huh?
Pepper Potts: Just be careful, Tony.
Intergalactic Iron Man: Don't worry. This armor is stronger than anything I've ever built. I can travel anywhere in the universe in this.
Pepper Potts: That's kind of what I mean. I'm not worried about you fighting the Chitauri, but I'm a little worried about you being Earth's ambassador...

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