Killer Bee, Pt. 2

Killer Bee, Pt. 2 is a Storyline Quest. Wasp is fed up with being patronized for her bubbly attitude—it's time to get tough!


  • Upgrade the Robo Dojo! (Stage 2)
    • Cost: 3,507 Credits
    • Time: 18hr
Character Action Time Location
Wasp Create a Buzz 3m Quad (flying)
Black Widow Dismantle Foes 3m The Robo Dojo (arena)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Black Widow: If we upgrade the dojo, I can show you a few new fighting techniques.
Wasp: Yeah!
Black Widow: Are you okay?
Wasp: If I'm gonna change my image, I can't go halfsies. I'm all tough all the time right now.
Black Widow: Okay. Well, you might want to fly to get the best view...
Wasp: Don't tell me what to do!
Black Widow: You feel like you picked up some techniques to make you tougher?
Wasp: For sure! I have to plan an ice cream party, but then I'm gonna crack some skulls!