Just Friends Pt3

Just Friends?, Pt. 3 is a Storyline Quest. Ms. Marvel and Falcon are ready to try dating for real, with Odin to serve as a chaperone.


Character Action Time Location
Falcon + Ms. Marvel Go On A Real Date! 4hr Club A (dance floor)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Ms. Marvel: Thanks for being our chaperone, Odin.
Odin: It's my genuine pleasure. Combat has consumed my life, so I'm eager to spend more time in the realms of love.
Falcon: It's just the realms of 'like' right now.
Odin: Of course. Love does not simply appear as if delivered by The Bifrost, but must be cultivated like the branches of Yggdrasil protecting Midgard while awaiting the coming of man.
Ms. Marvel: Chaperone Odin is so cooooooolll...
Ms. Marvel: That was really great. I hope we do it again sometime.
Falcon: Me too. I have a lot of fun with you.
Odin: Me as well! While the awkwardness is palpable, the emotions are true, and I sense the potential for a romance that will burn hotter than the fire demons of Muspelheim!
Falcon: Wow...
Ms. Marvel: This is too weird!

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