Insects Assemble !

Insects Assemble?! is a Mission Board Quest. Nick Fury says, "Maybe you didn't take me serious when I talked about starting a special insect Avengers squad? In case you never noticed, I don't joke much."

Version 1 Requirements Edit


Action Time Location
Black Widow

Test Widow's Bite

1hr (15m with Super Spy Widow outfit) The Blasting Range (firing points)
Ant-Man Study Insect Behavior 1hr The Timeless Archives (book)

Version 2 Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Vision Apply Knowledge 1hr Pym's Lab (chemical station)
Spider-Man Dance Awkwardly 4hr Club A (dance floor)
Daredevil Pull an All-Nighter 1hr The Timeless Archives (book)

Trivia Edit

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