Hulk vs. Hulk Pt2

Hulk vs. Hulk, Pt. 2 is a Event Quest, and part of the Gamma Attack! Event. Loki and Enchantress have a way of locating the Hulk, they just need Red Hulk to provide a distraction.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Red Hulk Catch A Ride! 1hr Quinjet Hangar (above)
Loki Wield Sorcery 1m Paths
Enchantress Cast Spells 1m Paths

Quest Dialogue Edit

Loki: Can you create a distraction? I believe Enchantress and I can locate your emerald enemy, but I'd prefer to avoid any extra attention from the faculty...
Red Hulk: You're asking if the bright red, two-thousand pound guy can create a distraction?
Loki: It was more of a rhetorical question...
Red Hulk: Did you locate Hulk?
Loki: No. Although I'm sure I could have if I'd actually tried...
Red Hulk: You said you'd look for him.
Loki: I lied. It's something I do from time to time...
Red Hulk: I smash people all the time.
Loki: Yes, well, we all have our hobbies. If you'll excuse me, I'm most likely late for one of the many classes I refuse to attend...

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